Who are we

Founded in 2007 and based in Singapore, Roleco Fine Art Pte. Ltd. offers comprehensive consultancy in:

  • Contemporary Art and Art Management Services
  • Finance / Accounting / Administration / HR

Roleco provides advice to private collectors and corporate clients on the acquisitions of artworks, as well as Cultural Management Services focused on Exhibition Projects. With the main focus on Modern Contemporary Chinese Art, we work with a wide network of private collectors and art professionals from all over the world.

We can offer you consultancy services on Chinese Contemporary art, extending to all steps involved in collecting artwork; from sourcing to acquiring an artwork.

We also provide advice and assistance to small and medium size companies in all aspects of finance/treasury/accounting issues and start-ups. This includes projects as per clients needs.

Owner and partner of Eight Art Gallery in Malmo, Sweden and Singapore for ten years with extended artist network in China. (www.eightartgallery.com)

Who we work with

We enjoy working with collectors who are well aware that his collection reflects the trend, style and passion of his buying power. We assist art lovers who wants to start a collection or expand his present collection in Chinese Contemporary art. This includes institutions and corporations that want to diversify their investments into art and interior decoration.

What we offer

We want to be your personal art coach, a friend that help you find and acquire artworks that satisfy your tastes and intelligence, that are certified for authenticity, as your long-term investment.