ROLECO Fine Art Consulting services offer a wide array of services within two defined areas, Art and Financial / Accounting Services.

Contemporary Art Consultancy

Being actively working with the Chinese Art Market as part owner of Eight Art Gallery for the last ten years, Roleco Fine Art consulting can provide the following art consulting services:

  • Art collection advisory service based on client specific needs
  • Acquisition, sales management and sourcing pieces of art work in private collections, fairs, galleries etc. in the international market.
  • Representing clients in private negotiations and art auctions
  • Valuation and appraisal of work of art

Finance, Accounting and Administration

  • Assist in start up operations
  • Financial reporting, including consolidation processes
  • HR matters
  • Project work
  • Acquisitions and incorporation of newly acquired operations
  • Treasury activities including liquidity planning
  • Equipment finance solutions
  • Administrational work
  • Due diligence