Gong Ming


1972 Born in Inner Mongolia China                                          
1993-1995 Studies at the Armed Forces Art Academy 

The Reflection series give a clear or hidden reflection of Chairman Mao or an object from a kettle or pistol for the sake of fantasy or illusions from the past. The contrast colors attracts with a sharp image and the viewer cannot be fooled of the intentions from the reflection. Daily we look in a mirror for our own beauty or representation but from a shiny object we can also see ourselves, notas clearly but we image the beauty. Gong Ming has here reflected a beautiful girl form a deadly weapon giving the contrast from beauty to evil. His technique and skill forms an aspect to the contrasts of life. 

2008 - Eight ArtGallery, Chinese cont. Art show (Singapore)
2008 - MichaelSchultz Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing and London)
2007 - BeijingTai How Place Opening Show (Beijing) / Contemporary Oil Painting GroupExhibition (Beijing Liquor Factory)
2006 - True Color Space Group Exhibition (Beijing 798)
2005 - Chinese Art Expo (Beijing Century Tower)
2004 - Chinese Art Expo (Beijing)
2003 - Beijing Landscape Painting Exhibition by (BeijingToday MuseumYoung artists)                                                                       / China Ministry of Culture Renowned Artists(BeijingCharity Event)
2001 - Chinese Art Expo (Beijing)

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