Hou Qing


Hou Qing was born 1969 and graduated from Hubei Academy of Arts in 1991. He continues his studies at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. He presently lives and works in Beijing. He has had many exhibitions inChina, Taiwan, Singapore and Taiwan over the years.  

Hou Qing paints often-realistic paintings with models in different position and color combinations. They are the modern China women dressed in western clothes or traditional dresses from Chinese Opera. His student life started at the time when the “New Trend in 1985” was coming to its end. This “New Trend in 1985” is the first large-scale high tide in China of learning and imitating the western modern art. 

Since 1994, HQ started to paint onLotus images. HQ chose the lotus and bamboo theme for the reason that both lotus and bamboo is an oriental and typical Chinese ancient theme with long history, and it is closely related to his childhood and very familiar. Besides, there is another reason in the technical sense, i.e.,it can easily put in his understanding of calligraphy.

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