Ma Dan


Born 1985 in Yunnan Province, China. Graduated as Bachelor of Art from Fine Art Institute of Yunnan University as well as Master of Art from the same institution. Solo shows at Dialogue Space in Beijing and participated in Group shows in China, Taiwan and USA. 

Ma Dan’s work, even though her materials take their source in original landscapes of Yunnan and her own dreamland, we still can see the influence of this new generation on her through her paintings – imaginary space based on virtual generation space and strict training from the Fine Art Institute. 

One cannot deny that Ma Dan’s work has a cartoon style about them. Younger artists brought up with cartoons and indeed they have a fairly big choice of cartoon styles for their own expression.

In Ma Dan’s works, we can see this ego in the little girl dressed in red who never quite show her real face, but then again the image construction of Ma Dan does not merely create a symbol, deep in her heart this cute and genuine image becomes a guide and explorer, only the world around her is her complete inner heart, including the tall plants, the blue sky, the peasants in the field and the insects deliberately blown up from Yunnan’s classic natural scenery.

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