Wu Mingzhong


Wu Mingzhong was born 1963 in Hebei Province and passed away very sadly in October 2019.

He has had several solo exhibitions since 2004 in China, South Korea, and USA, including the Today Art Museum in Beijing. He has been represented in Group exhibitions in many more countries like Germany, Spain, Greek, Cuba, Singapore Russia and Hong Kong.

Wu’s paintings are easy to recognise with its neon light red illustrated with figures that almost are made by glass and then filled with spirits or red wine. They can be large in size and the movements are well recognized in a clever way.

During 2011 to 2014 the series “Bending back to flow forward” the figures are transparent and the nature is painted in red, opposite to previous series. Recently exhibited in Beijing 2019 with a mix of grand old style paintings aside some new developments in blue and orange. Very established artist and humble in many ways.

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