Zan Jbai


1980 Born in Yin,Zhejiang Province, China 2002-2007 Study at ENSBA, Paris, now living and working in Paris. 

Solo Exhibitions 
2006 “disappearance” Bertrand & Gruner Gallery (Geneva Switzerland)
2006 “slowly” Aura Gallery (Shanghai, China) 

Group Exhibitions 
2003 “ICI” CentreCultural De chine. (Paris)2006 “summer group Show” Bertrand & Gruner Gallery (Geneva) 

His works are detached from worldly affairs and they are more closely connected with the thinking of ancient Chinese poets. He has painted them to show a hint of touch and beauty. While the unimportance of the phrase “touch and beauty” just inspires him to explore the possibility of value in painting.

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