Zhong Biao


Zhong Bioa was born in 1968 in Chongqing and graduated from the Lil painting department of the Zhejiang Academy of fine Arts in 1991. He is now Associate Professor at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. He lives and works in Beijing and Chongqing, China. ZB has had many solo exhibitions inChina, Indonesia, USA, Montevideo and Italy. He has also been represented in Group shows all over the world and highly respected artistin China. 

Starting as a realist painter with contrast images from the past and future catching the rapid economic development China has experienced, ZB seems to catch those moments along the way. He has constructed spectacular artworks with his surrealistic imagination and powerful creativity.

In ZB’s new works, time and space are misplaced or putside-by-side, images of floating and fusing into each other. Though the images in the works are realistic, the real world that we stay inside everyday suddenly feels alienated and strange, however the sense of illusion in the works becomes amiable and familiar. In fact, the blend of figural and abstract is broadly emblematic of Zhong's work, both as a painter and a thinker. His goal is to use painting to challenge the limits of space and time which frame our experience.

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