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Van Gogh's celebrated


Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi is an admirer of Vincent van Gogh and created a series of vibrant paintings for a special exhibition at Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, as previously informed. The exhibition finish end of February 2018. It display 5 works whereof 3 portraits of Van Gogh. His style, appearance and personality are united in this many self-portraits and Zeng replicated the Dutch artist’s works before covering them with his own, distinctive , swirling lines.

In Zeng’s works, which come alive with their sinuous lines, the modern artist links his own style and identity to the life and work of Van Gogh. Zeng’s ambition is to be a global artist like Van Gogh has become, but also give a tribute to the Dutch artist, like the animated movie recently released. Stunning work!

Daniel Brostrom