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13th Annual Sovereign Asian Art Prize to Li Hongbo


The winner of the 13th annual Sovereign Asian Art Prize has been awarded Li Hongbo. The Chinese artist won Asia’s longest established award for Contemporary art with a sculpture titled “Desire”, making him the first artist to win the Prize for a 3D work. “Desire” consists of a knife with a series of delicately carved silhouettes of running figures extending from the blade, with each figure following each other in a line. The artist was chosen as a winner among over 300 participating artists.

Commenting on his win, Li Hongbo said: I am very honoured and would like to thank The Sovereign Asian Art Prize and the panel of judges for awarding me this prize. This achievement is a very big encouragement for me and will drive me to work harder. I have decided to donate the all the prize money of USD 30,000 to good causes, whereof 50% to the Sovereign Art foundation. What en exceptional prize winner and we wish him all success.


Daniel Brostrom