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Donald Trump Rooster Sculpture


The first funny art creation of 2017 would seem to be China’s 23-foot-tall Donald Trump-like rooster sculpture, welcoming the year of the rooster on January 28th. It is designed by Seattle based illustrator and animator Casey Latiolais in honour of the Chinese zodiac.

The fiberglass statue, located outside a shopping mall in Taiyuan in Shanxi province, features a Trumpian scowl with bushy eyebrows and a golden helmet of hair. It was created on consignment for a Chinese Real Estate developer but the Latiolais added the Tromp-like features are of his own accord.

According to the Chinese social media news outlet, the statue’s egg-shaped body and golden hair symbolise wealth and prosperity for 2017. The stud has been very popular in China, with several copies of the artwork for sale on Taobao, the Chinese eBay, even an inflatable version.


On this funny note I wish every reader a Happy New Year and a Happy Chinese New Year.

Daniel Brostrom