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Gu Wenda at Shanghai M21 Museum


Launched on november 10, 2016 and running at Shanghai Minzheng Art Museum, Gu Wenda “Journey to the West” features some of the artists major works, almost like a retrospective exhibition, with his ink art from the 1980’s to present, as well as installation, documentary and performance.


The joyful coloured lanterns that cover the whole facade of the Museum are a new work by Gu Wenda. The show took 5 months in preparation.Gu Wenda graduated from China National Academy of Art in Hangzhou and worked there as a teacher for six years before emigrating to the U.S. in 1987. Now he has studios in both countries. Gu has extended the vocabulary of traditional Chinese Calligraphy, embracing new influences as China opens to the West in early 1980s.


The show emphasise on his ink art, exhibited along the long walls escalating up on the museums outer walls.His achievements show he has come a long way since he moved to the US as he still adopts just such a simple approach from Chinese roots and limited influence from the West.

Daniel Brostrom