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11th Shanghai Biennale


The title for the Shanghai Biennale 2016 is “Why not ask again” and is on view at the Power station of Art in Shanghai until March, 2017. The Museum’s huge second-floor atrium i taken over by Nou Sen+MSG moonscape installation The Great Chain of Being – planet trilogy, which consists of a an experimental theatre within a crashed spaceship, video sound and bees.

Shanghai Biennale 01.jpg

The curators Raqa Media Collective welded the title with works by 92 artists and collectives from 40 countries into a intelligent, provocative show that blends many layers revealed by questioning of facts and realities. The group brings visionary speculation to the table, compelling the views to do the same.

The environment for contemporary art in improving and the Shanghai Biennale is a platform for all art to interact. The venue is exciting and enables space for the viewers.

Daniel Brostrom