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Centre Pompidou appoints Curator Yung Ma


Centre Pompidou has appointed Yung Ma as Curator of the Paris museum’s Contemporary and Prospective Creation Department for 3 years with the aim of expanding and promoting the museum’s focus on Chinese contemporary art. This is a result from the partnership between the museum and K11 Foundation in Shanghai. He is a curator of contemporary art and previously an Associate Curator at M+ in Hong Kong. He has also curated the HK pavilion at the Venice Biennale (2009 and 2013). His task will be to identifying outstanding young artists from Greater China. The Centre Pompidou is opening more and more to the globalisation and diversity of the world art scenes.

Major Chinese artworks were added to the collection of the Pompidou as recently as May 2015 when five new works by contemporary artists Xu Zhen, Ding Yi, Zhang Enli and Zhao Yang were donated to the museum. This collaboration will definitely elevate a number of programs presenting Chines contemporary art.

Daniel Brostrom