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Chinese Authorities made Ai Weiwei Famous


On a recent interview with the Swiss Newspaper Neue Zurcher Zeitung in conjunction with his exhibition at the Austrian 21er Haus, an contemporary art branch of Vienna Belvedere Museum, in which he declared that the Chinese state made him famous. The artist recalled a conversation with the Chinese secret police in which he admitted that with the power that the police represent ” I would never have become what I am today”. However, he denies that it is the only contributing factor to his success but with his sustained criticism of the Chinese state and his treatment by the 81-day imprisonment made him famous. As an activist you should express your opinion through art and not only think of sales at their gallery. But choosing not to speak up is also a political decision. His work deals heavily with the transfer of ideas, ” it is always about communication about events and views, aesthetics play a secondary role in my work”.

Daniel Brostrom