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Liu Xiaodong new show called “Migration”

Liu Xiaodong_01.jpg

Liu Xiaodong, well-known Chinese contemporary artist opens a new exhibition in Florence, where he puts the European Migrant crisis into his art. The collection features a total of 182 multi-themed works including paintings, photography, photo-painting and a video documentary. Liu spent some time in Italy and the result is a thought minded collection that is partly an illustrated diary of the artists trips and impressions from Florence to the frontline of the migrant crisis and partly a reflection on the nature of migration itself. The migrations show two extremes from certain parts where it is not seen and others were it is a reminder of people fleeing from war and misery.

Liu says ” Even though migration has been an integral part of the history of humanity, this huge wave, this influx of refugees has definitely caused some problems for European society”.

” Liu does not make a judgement, he just presents the reality with his unique technique, often seen in the past from the Chinese daily life at countryside.

The exhibition lasts until June 19th and sponsored by Florence’d innovative Palazzo Strozzi Foundation.

Daniel Brostrom