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Ai Weiwei makes another offensive statement


Ai Weiwei has always taken the opportunity to show his opinion on current world events in order to get recognition and appreciation. The latest stunt happened in his new residence city Berlin where he during the Berlin Film Festival decorated the pillars of the venue Berlin Konzerthaus with 14,000 life jackets flown in from the Greek island Lesbos. The installation is meant to commemorate refugees drowned at sea, escaping the living conditions in part of the Middle East. Alongside the stairs to the entrance was a black rubber boat with the words “Safe Passage”, which is the name given by the artist to his installation. The artist maintains that these displays are “a gesture in defending the dignity of the refugees”. Not everyone was impressed, but such installation would probably not be allowed in China, but the Western world accepts it, especially in Germany that has welcomed the most refugees in Europe. With an additional studio on the island of Lesbos, we will probably see more from the artist on the tragic situation.

Daniel Brostrom