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Chinese artists get attention at Venice Biennale 2015


China is among the 89 countries represented at the 56th edition of the Venice Biennale. Their pavilion is themed ” Other Future”. Five artists, very distinct in the art language, explore present and future China rooted in rural civilisation. The China pavilion is located at the Arsenal, a central venue. But it is not only the China pavilion that exhibit Chinese artists. They are also visible at the Macao exhibition with Mio Pang Fei that explores the integration of Chinese traditions and Western concepts. Other pavilions like San Marino, Kenya and Cuba feature several Chinese national artists. Another exhibition part of the collateral events presents a glance of the complex development of contemporary Chinese ideas and thoughts. Ink paintings by Pan Gongkai aim to explore the relation between “inheritance and transformation” through his individual understanding.

Gloria Vallese, a professor of art history in Venice says” In fact nationality is not what shapes art, and the Venice Biennale has strongly encouraged this spirit through the years” She adds; There are number of Chinese artists keen to express their talent, and their consistent presence in Venice highlights China’s further opening to the world, in line with the Venice Biennale leading theme of this year “All the World’s Futures”

We will definitely see more Chines creative art in the Western World, which we strongly support.

Source: WantChinaTimes

Daniel Brostrom