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Chinese pavilion at Venice Biennale 2015


The Venice Biennale’s 56th International Art Exhibition will open to the public from May 9 to November 22. It has been titled “All the World’s Future” and the popular event will feature 136 artists from 53 countries.

The theme is based on the last 120 years of history that has witnessed human beings living through dramatic changes.

Four Chinese artists, Xu Bing, Qiu Zhijie, Ji Dachun and Cao Fei have been formally invited to the represent the China National pavilion.

Xu, the Mac Arthur Award winner is well-known A Book from the Sky series, will bring his installation Phoenix to the exhibition. Meanwhile, Qiu is set to present his latest work, the Jinling Chronicle Theater Project, in which the artist uses installations to interpret traditional Chinese painting in a contemporary way.

A well-established artist, Ji is known for the critical and ironic view of Chinese society that he portrays in his oil paintings, so many are excited to know what he will bring for this exhibition. Born in 1978, Cao is the youngest artist among the four and is famous for her multimedia and video installations that combines surrealism and pop culture to reflect China’s rapidly changing society.

There will be seven other Chinese artists including Li Lei and Qin Feng will be featured at other national pavilions.

Daniel Brostrom