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Contemporary Ink Paintings


Ink painting is an unique art form in China which can be dated back very long. It uses only black and white to create an artistic conception. The artists have for generations played with the ink, the brushes and the rice paper bringing the audience into a colourful black-and-white world. For centuries, Chinese artists have handed down the traditions of ink paintings and developed it into a new era. They use the ancient skills to draw a contemporary China, expressing themselves in much freer way and with additional media like copper, burn marks etc.

Lately this kind of art has always been attracted by the Chinese ethnics but it slowly gets appreciated by the western world. Christies in HK has special Ink painting auctions nowadays.

Artists are many but a few are getting known internationally like Wang Tiande, Liu Qinghe. Shen Qin, Wu Yi and Jin Weihong. Some of these are already represented at the Art Gallery of the University of Maryland present exhibition. The works represent a brand new trend of Chinese ink paintings.

Daniel Brostrom