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New Private Museum in Beijing


The much anticipated new private museum Beijing Minsheng Contemporary Art Museum was finally unveiled at a special opening ceremony on June 25, 2015. Funded entirely by China Minsheng Bank, the new museum is upgraded in a decommissioned factory from the 1980’s located just north of 798 Art Center. This is the third museum bearing the Minsheng name after the other two located in Shanghai.

It is made up by several geometrical boxes that come together in an organic irregular fashion, giving a total floor area of 35,000 square meters. White surfaces are mixed and broken up by raw industrial brick remnants that reminds the industrial past of the site.

The inaugural exhibition “The Civil Power” is an ambitious group show featuring some 186 works by 159 artists that explore how the notion of civil society in China has taken shape over the period of three decades since the reformation initiated by Deng Xiaoping. Zhang Dali, our gallery artist, is represented in this show. Not to be missed if you pass by Beijing.



Daniel Brostrom