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Retrospective Show of Zhang Dali


Last weekend was the opening of Zhang Dali’s first retrospective exhibition at United Art Museum in Wuhan, China. The show is titled “From Reality to Extreme Reality – The Road of Zhang Dali” and will be open until 18 December 2015. It covers artworks from Drawings from the 1980’s, ink calligraphy from late 1980’s, photographs from the graffiti period under the pseudonym AK47 lamenting the demolition of ancient Beijing in the 1990’s, his paintings that superimpose government slogans, the second History that presents doctored propaganda photos that have been censured as well as the latest photograms and paintings of pigeons from various squares.


The exhibition is brilliantly displayed and the fairly new private museum is well designed with friendly staff.Wuhan is in its infant stage for emerging as a art hub with a good art school and artists, but very few galleries to display their artworks. Suddenly have a few private museums giving the local art scene an opportunity to exhibit art by artists outside its city as well as local artists and make the capital of Hubei province a cultural destination. Bravo!

Daniel Brostrom