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The Louvre Project by Zeng Fanzhi


ShangART in Beijing has announced their next exhibition by presenting Zeng Fanzhi “The Louvre Project”. This is the first exhibition by the artist in mainland China for over 5 years. It starts on March 9th to 22nd, 2015.

The exhibition came about after a meeting by the artist and Henri Loyretee, then he was a curator of Louvre Museum in Paris. When the discussions conceived the idea around the expression of classical and contemporary art, Zeng Fanzhi created “From 1830 to Now” a set of four individual pieces. The last piece was juxtaposed with “Libert’e guidance le people” and other masterpieces of romanticism, which presenting dialogues between west and east, classical art with contemporary art. The audience can deeply feel the artist’s emotion in every stage of creation considering the history, time, freedom and ultimate freedom. Zeng was deeply impressed, fascinated and absorbed as he found the Libert’e the most moving artwork of the museum, when he visited the Louvre in mid-90’s. He has now recreated the emotional charge in his own way but it was the striking image of the nude Liberty in the piece that affected him most. To express her impassioned feelings, resonated deeply with Zeng’s pursuit for “creative freedom”, offering a fresh direction for interpreting his works.

Well, this is a striking piece of artwork that I hope will be shown in other museums around the world.

Daniel Brostrom