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China Focus on 2014 Art Paris Art Fair


Once again, art from China is getting the spotlight at Art Paris Art Fair March 27 to 30 at the historic Grand Palais in Paris. To celebrate 50 years since then opening of relations between France and China close to 90 artists from China will show their artwork through galleries in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong and from some western galleries.

One of them is Liu Bolin’s new sculpture called “Iron Fist” (see Above). Artist normally known to camouflage himself in the background has entered a new phase as an artist. Others artists represented are Wnag Keping, Zao Wou Ki, Chu The Chun and Zhang Ding. In addition there will be a round table discussion about “Art in China Today” worth listening to if your visit Paris.

Art Paris Art Fair is among the most significant annual events in the European art world, focus on both photography and paintings to sculpture.

Try to go there!

Daniel Brostrom