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China Millenium Monument


Since 1993 in Venice Biennale, the trend of Chinese artists heading overseas has never stopped. In 2013, 10 exhibitions showing selected works of hundreds of Chinese artists. Now part of of these exhibitions are back home in China at the Millennium Monument Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing. It is a marked as a parallel exhibition featuring 18 artists, including the artist above Yu Hong.

In Chinese the heart is the important organ most closely related to the mind. As such the exhibition “Mind Beating” has asked artists to look into their hearts and come up with a work that reflects the true state of China today. Each artist has created a brand new work including film, paintings and installation art.

A persons observations cause swings in emotion. These emotions in turn are what get our hearts beating, which makes these emotions much stronger and precious. Consequently the exhibitions was named Mind Beating rather than Heart Beating.

Despite financing themselves for the transportation and accommodation costs in Italy, while Venice benefit with tourism income, the artists feel it brings them exposure and fame that help raise the value of their works as well and is irreplaceable.

Daniel Brostrom