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Red Colored Art Attracts


Christmas is red, Valentine’s Day is red and roses are red. Does it mean that art with the colour red is also attractive? Yes, if you see the highest selling lots from auction houses, it seems they are very often painted in red. It has been pointed out that the colour red tends to enhance the collectors that are aware of the “power of red”.

Artists like Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol and Cy Twombly were all sold with striking red colour. The colour of blood or passion was considered in ancient times to be the most important colour, associated with life-giving and protective powers.

In Asia, especially China, red has additional associations with luck and joy, in which the red corresponds with the element of fire. A “red envelope” is a monetary gift during the Chinese New Year or weddings. A Chinese buyer may consider the sensation of red art to be an auspicious investment that will bring good fortune and happiness. Red is also highly visible and it draws attention immediately. We even roll out the red carpet for celebrities, maintaining the correlation with power and status.

I strongly believe in this and one of the galleries well-known artist is Wu Mingzhong. He is a master in getting attention with his different shades of red. (see above)



Daniel Brostrom