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Watch Out for Chinese Contemporary Art


Watching Biennale and art fairs, reviewing Auction sales records and many museums, it seems 2013 was a great year for Chinese Contemporary Art. So would it continue in 2014?

Absolutely, more art fairs and many auction houses with record prices will continue since the trend is already set. China is back as the number one market in the world of contemporary art sales and with Christie’s and Sotheby’s storming in to the mainland, they know the collectors there are important. The way to increase awareness is also the fact that major museums in USA is featuring new exhibitions for Chinese art. Metropolitan Museum of Art initiated a show with ink paintings and Guggenheim announced to acquire Chinese Contemporary art.

International collectors contribute with exhibiting their collections and new young collectors follow the trend. Private museums are mushrooming in China to display their collections and promote new emerging artists. The Biennale in Venice showed over 300 artists with Ai WeiWei in several locations, the Armory Show next month will focus on Chinese artists. So there is a renewed interest in Chinese Contemporary art, which we fully support.

Daniel Brostrom