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Christie’s First Auction in Shanghai


Chinese contemporary art and modern art will be features in Christie’s first ever mainland auction, which will be held in Shanghai on September 26 at the Jing an Shangri-La hotel.

Both Asian and Western art are expected to draw growing number of Chinese collectors. Some of the main attractions will be Zeng Fanzhi’s “Bicycle” and Sui Jianguo’s series of sculptures (see above) “Clothes Veins Studies”. Western works includes Pablo Picasso.

In addition Christies is offering on-line sales with artist Andy Warhol, that is expected huge interest after a popular museum show of his art recently.

It is seen as a landmark event because prior to the announcement, the Pinault family donated to China two bronze zodiac heads that created such controversy when they were auctioned in 2009.

Shanghai is increasingly influencing the art scene with many new private museums and now the auction house of Christie’s. Beijing watch up!

Daniel Brostrom