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My Generation: Young Chinese Artists


The Tampa Museum of art and the Museum of Fine arts, St.Petersburg will present the first US exhibition to focus solely on the post-Mao Generation of Chines artists that offers a look at how China’s economic development has impacted its youth culture and propelled new art trends. The exhibition will be on view June 7 through September 21, 2014.

The exhibition is an extended look at the new generation of artists emerging in mainland China since 2000, the year that China opened wide doors to international artists and collectors and that Chinese artists began to command attention on the world’s stage. All of the 27 artists in this exhibition were born after 1976 and the end of the Cultural Revolution. Products of One Child Policy and part of China’s exploding economic growth to a market economy.

The exhibitions curator Barbara Pollack states ” Young Chinese artists are breaking out in ways that challenge and defy the styles of an older generation of Chinese artists already known in the west. It provides an unprecedented look inside one of the most fascinating developments in the art world today. Chinese art of our time”. Despite language barriers and cultural differences, these artists work in a truly global vocabulary, which will be readily understood by the western audiences.

Contemporary art in China is fascinating and vastly important.

Daniel Brostrom