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Sculpture surprise from Zhang Xiaogang

Zhang Xiaogang_Sculpture_01.png

Zhang Xiaogang, one of China’s most critically celebrated and recognised contemporary oil painter, is about to reveal a surprise move to sculpture. After a successful show at Pace Gallery in Beijing recently, the same gallery will show in Chelsea, New York his solo show with 4 paintings together with a numerous sculptural heads and busts. 

The height range from six inches to five feet that for the first time translate into three dimensions many characters of the sort seen in his “Bloodlines – Big Family” portrait series. The series are cast in bronze in the U.S.A. and painted white before the artist began the final task of painting the surfaces of the slightly stylised personages to resemble traditional Chinese ceramics or, in some cases, glazed polychrome figures from the Tang dynasty. Zhang told Art in America in a recent interview ” I do not think of them as sculpture – I think of them as paintings.” 

This is certainly a normal progress of any artist and his theme will be exciting as a sculpture and welcomed by the world’s collectors.

Daniel Brostrom