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2012 Chinese Contemporary Art Awards


The 2012 art Awards for Chinese Contemporary Art were recently announced at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, naming this year’s est Artist, Best young Artist and Lifetime Contribution artist. These awards were founded by well known collector Uli Sigg in 1997 and his jury consists of 6 members, all experts on contemporary art, including Lars Nittve, the director of the M+ museum in HK, to whom Uli Sigg donated a majority of his collection earlier this year.

This year’s Best Artist award eint to Hong Kong based artist Pak Cheung-chuan, who ussually expresses everyday situations and common people through installations, photos and paintings.

The Best Young artist went to 26-year old artist Yan Xing. His works encompass a wide range of creative media. such as performance, video and written words.

The lifetime Contribution award went to Geng Jianyi who is shown below with his “The Second Situation” art work.

Daniel Brostrom