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Art Stage First out among 2013 Art Fairs


The third edition of Art Stage art fair in Singapore opens this week on Jan 24th to 27th. The fair has earned its reputation for being the only international fair focused specifically on Asia or rather South East Asia. Art Stage builds on Singapore’s committment to becoming a cultural hub in the South East Asia region.

131 galleries from around the world with 75% participating galleries from Asia Pacific and the remaining 25% a selection of leading international galleries. The Project Stage contents of 33 special solo shows featuring emerging artists from Asia Pacific. SingaporePlatform will exhibit Singapoe’s best local talents.

Indonesian Pavillion will feature the unrivaled development of Indonesian art scene. The exhibition will show 36 artists from Indonesia. At the same time 3 Auction companies will sell artworks and several galleries are having openings. In addition the first hotel art fair will also enter Singapore on the 25th at Conrad Hotel.


ART is LIFE and Singapore will experience a peak of interest from collectors in the region.


Daniel Brostrom