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Nobel price in Literature to China


As publicised everywhere, the Nobel Price in Literature was awarded to Mr. Mo Yan of China. As usual, mixed reactions from the world but the fact that someone from China is awarded( with Chinese citizenship) , gives the fact of the increasing influence China has everywhere. His books have been sold out quickly and a new one is scheduled for release in January. 

He is now nicknamed “Mobel” in China. Mo has long been known as a writer who toed with the government line. He was a soldier from the People’s Liberation Army so the author has known well where the political line is drawn without resorting to direct criticism. Mo’s books are well-known because they show through the craft of storytelling around hardship in China, poverty, class struggle events of daily life. It seems the Nobel Committe has gained back the respect it lost when Liu Xiabo got the Peace Price in 2010, but again that is 2 different committees that decide that.

Anyway he will travel to Stockholm and receive his price and someone pointed out that the author’s pen name means “Don’t Speak” in Mandarin.

Perhaps he paints as well….

Daniel Brostrom