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Chinese artist Liu Bolin is the “Invisible Man” in his photo art and extremely popular on Internet. ( A YouTube video has hit over 3 mil viewers). Born in Shandong Province but now resident in Beijing, his imagination when it comes to camouflage himself in his surroundings is endless. His idea to paint himself invisible to the background has become so comical that it works anywhere in the world. Whenever he has a show in a country he will take time for a creation from that country and add to his well-known supermarket aisles, the lagoons of Venice, Ground Zero, the Wall street bull and the forbidden city. Often he is impossible to detect at first but Liu prefers to be ever so slightly off kilter


” When I move a bit, it lets people look anf think about the art” he says.
Liu’s art has become an instant success, appearing in group and solo exhibitions at museums across U.S., Europe and Asia.

Daniel Brostrom