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Zhang Dali at Eli Klein art in New York


Eli Klein Fine Art in NY is showing a retrospective exhibition of works by Zhang Dali (B. 1973) , one of the early contemporary artists in China. His work of art focus a lot on environmental issues and became very famous when he painted or illustrated his stamp mark of a profile human heads on buildings or walls that were going to be demolished or on its way for more modern architecture. They were spray painted and photographed and sold in editions.

in 2003 Zhang Dali got hold of historic photographs of persons from 40-50 years ago without any names. These historical images were used by the government as a tool for propaganda and political control. He then recreated these persons with shadows from repeating chinese characters or AK-47 in lines, either in black or red.

The most recent series, World’s Shadow takes the artist to a new medium. Cyanotype photograms allow Zhang Dali to explore the interaction between shadows and objects. The transient nature of shadows plays well with his central themes; nature is replaced by concrete and steel, just as tradition is replaced by modernization.

The exhibition is on until February 18, 2013.


Daniel Brostrom