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1970’s artists at Today Art Museum Beijing


An ongoing exhibition at Today Art Museum in Beijing takes a glance at the latest developments in Chinese contemporary art over the past decade. It features about 50 oil paintings, sculptures and installations and mixed media works from six young emerging artists, all born in the 70’s. They are Chen Ke, Jia Aili, Ouyang Chun, Qui Xiaoguang, Wang Guangle and Wei Jia.

The curator Zhang Qing says the artists are “six examples of an unique generation that has experienced the most dramatic transformation in Chinese society, from the late 1970’s to the first decade of 21st century”. Unlike the generations before them, artists born in the 1970’s have been exposed to a mixed social reality, conflicting ideological systems and myriad artistic trends.

Our works are widely differing from each other in term of personal style. however they do convey something in common for my generation – perplexity toward the past, concerns about now and doubts about the future, says Wei Jia, a participating artist.

The exhibition ends on September 28th.


Daniel Brostrom