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Contemporary Chinese Ink


London’s Saatchi Gallery in London is putting up a show with Contemporary Chinese artists working with traditional Chinese ink on paper for their first large-scale show. Organised by the London gallery dealer Michael Giedhuis, the 75 pieces on show are mostly lent by private collectors and it includes works by the internationally renowned artists Liu Dan, Xu Bing and Gu Wenda. These artists use traditional methods to make audacious avant-garde works that express today’s world without challenging China’s cultural past.

We want to give contemporary Chinese ink painters full exposure. They see the challenge how to render the traditional aesthetic into works relevant to today’s world, which is what old European masters like Picasso and Cezanne were trying to do when they tried to assimilate the work of Poussin and Velazquez. The show ends July 5, 2012.


Daniel Brostrom