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M + Museum in HK gets an extraordinary donation


The famed Chinese contempoary art collector Dr. Uli Sigg will donate over 1000 important art pieces from his vast collection to Hong Kong’s upcoming M+ Museum, due to open in 2017. This collection includes historically significant works by China’s top blue-chip artists, among them Zhang Xiaogang, Liu Wei, Zeng Fanzhi, Ai Weiwei and many others. 

The museum will also buy 47 artworks for US$ 22.7 million. The donation is conservatively estimated to be worth US$ 163 million. The Sigg collection is the single most important collection of Chinese Contemporary art and this will enable HK to strenghten its position as the cultural hub in Asia. Sigg says his decision was motivated by the desire to freely showcase what has been called an “encyclopaetic” collection of artworks from 350 of China’s leading contemporary artists, in a city where freedom of expression is more fully enshrined than on mainland China where sensitive art is still heavenly censored.

M+ Museum is still not built and its Director Lars Nittve is extremely pleased with such flying start and adds ” It would be impossible to now build a collection similar in depth, scope and quality”. This donation is unique and will spearhead the museum to compete and be the next Guggenheim Bilbao or Tate Modern or New York’s MOMA with global appeal.

I can’t wait to see the collection, which will have its own dedicated space of 5000 sq meters during the first 3 years of its opening. Very exciting news for the art scene in Asia and we congratulate M+ museum and Hong Kong for such turning point.

Daniel Brostrom