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MOCA Singapore shows Sun Liang Solo Exhibition


MOCA@Loewn in Singapore is presently showing an exhibition “Suspension” by Chinese contemporary artist Sun Liang. He is considered to be one of China’s most important artists working today. 

He was privileged to be one of the first artists to represent China at the Venice Biennale in 1993 and he has initially established his reputation as kick-starting the birth of Chinese contemporary art scene. His work is a mixture of ” a Chinese Bestiary” also known as the “Classic of Mountains and Seas” and “Bible” lies on the edge of wild fantasies and dreams.Sun Liang conveys the imagery of a hanging or floating form observed in his paintings that strikes a strong theme of the fragile and illusive nature of life.


This is Sun Liang’s first exhibition in South East Asia and it features some of his 30 indispensable paintings from his own private collection. The purpose of the exhibition is to show his exploration and achievement on the orientalization of oil painting in the last decades, at the same time, to understand briefly his diverse creative talent and his irreplaceable uniqueness on the China contemporary art. 

The show last to July 15th, 2012.

Daniel Brostrom