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Secret Love in Stockholm


The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm, Sweden, will be opening an exhibition this fall on the theme Taboo love: Secret love. This is the first major exhibition of contemporary Chinese art on this subject. The exhibition includes over 100 artworks by more than twenty Chinese artists, who are united in the desire to express subjects such as identity, norms and sexuality.

Chinese society is having rapid changes, resulting in shifting view on the subject. Homosexuality was decriminalised in 1997 and since 2000 has no longer been regarded as a mental illness. The internet and a more open society, influended by the west, have brought a greater awareness of individual rights.

With this exhibition, the museum aims to show a force behind the current changes within Chinese society. Secret love is an interesting encounter with Chinese Contemporary art, adding a twisted scale and scope in term of this theme.

Opens on September 21 2012 until March 31 2013.

Daniel Brostrom