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Art HK


The month of May is busy on the art scene in Hong Kong. Art HK is just finished and it was a tremendous success. Art HK has grown to the most important artfair in Asia and this year 266 galleries from 38 countries showed their best pieces of art. Traditional masters from Europe, pop artists from USA and the new emerging artists from China and the rest of Asia. The fair’s fifth edition shows improvement for every year it holds. A leading gallerist reported that five years ago, only a tiny percentage of his sales of Chinese contemporary art were to Chinese buyers; now the figure is closer to 80%. Expect more shifts as Asian economies flux their muscles.

Also a number of new galleries has opened in HK and they all put on its most spectacular show at this time. The collector’s are in town and Christie’s has their spring sale coming weekend.

In the central financial district, The Pedder building, which is already home to Ben Brown, Gagosian and Hanart, will be welcoming a large new gallery by Pearl Lam plus a smaller one by Simon Lee.

The art scene has changed dramatically during the last 5 years and more is to come with M+ museums and perhaps even private museums.

The ARt HK was excellent and really a mini Art Basel, but of course they own 60% already. Next Year it will be renamed Art Basel Hong Kong.


Daniel Brostrom