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Asian Art Piers opens in New York


Opening its doors last month in the Chelsea district of New York City, Asian Art Piers is a new gallery specializing in Chinese and Asian contemporary art. A collaboration with a group of art dealers in Beijing, Asian Art Piers presents a collection of Chinese contemporary art that embodies the wide-ranging and ever changing nature of Art throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Currently running its first two artist show ” China Happening 2.0″ with the work of two emerging artists who have exhibited extensively is Asia and Europe and are ready to expand their presence in USA. Pang Yongjie and Xia Guo.

Asian Art Piers seems to time the market almost as the Chinese contemporary art market has been os a rapid path of recovery since the post economic crisis in February 2009. Currently primary market galleries are enjoying a bull market of sorts, yet still taking caution to guard off speculative buyers and serve genuine collectors.

Chinese contemporary art is booming everywhere and it will outpace other art sectors worldwide.

Daniel Brostrom