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The Scream made a Hole in Someone’s Wallet


The Scream made by the Norwegian painter Edward Munch was sold at Sotheby’s in New York for a record-breaking 119,9 million US Dollars. The only privately owned version of a classic masterpiece surpassed estimates to become the most expensive work of art to be sold at auction.

The final price was 50% higher than estimate so the marketing of the pastel work was well done and attracted global media interest. The 12 minutes bidding was finally snapped up by a phone bidder and the world does not know as yet who it is. At the end it was 2 highly determined phone bidders that carried the price to this historic level.

The Munch Museum in Oslo holds two versions of the Scream and the third is displayed in the National Museum of Norway.

Mr. Olson who sold the painting said that the proceeds from the sale will go towards the establishment of a new museum, art centre and hotel on his farm at Hvitsten, where his family’s relationship with the artist began.


Daniel Brostrom