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Yan Pai-Ming Exhibits in New York


Chinese artist Yan Pai-Ming is having his soloshow at David Zwirner gallery in New York and adds to the increasing number of Chinese artists being shown in the Big Apple. Mr. Yan has international recognition for his large sized, monochromatic portraits. 

His subjects, which range from historical figures, political leaders and celebrities to anonymous soldiers, serial killers, orphans and the artist himself are typically presented face-on, with wild bold brushwork.

His new works relate to the events in the recent and distant past. He refers to his large-scale canvases as collage of photographs and memories. Black paintings is a title derived from a late series of walls by Francisco Goya. Also on view is Pablo which shows a young Pablo Picasso and a more recent history is evoked in Invisable Woman, a multiple portrait of burka-clad woman and another is Gadhafi’s corpse (see above).

The artist is born in Shanghai but lives today in France. His work is represented by many known museums from cities like Paris, Mannheim, Dijon, Cologne Tokyo and Shanghai.


Daniel Brostrom