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Li Jin's Food Journey in America


Li Jin is a Chinese artist known for his sharp simple works placing people, places, food and wine, during his travelling adventures. Earlier this year, Li embarked on a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and later to New York. Yesterday an exhibition of 40 ink on paper paintings and two bronze sculptures inspired by his experiences from his journey opens at Sotheby’s S2 Gallery in LA. He explains ” as a Chinese artist observing the American way of life, I used the medium of ink to express this fresh and exotic feeling. I have painted myself in the works along with things I love, like delicious food, beautiful women and good wine”. Sounds like a positive source of energy.


Li is a sensitive artist who uses the language of traditional ink to express his life experiences and also display his passion for love of life. He thinks that good artists should be truthful and sincere to themselves. His works have always been a portrayal of his own life, but mostly in a humorous way.

Daniel Brostrom