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Zeng Fanzhi re-invents Vincent van Gogh


Vincent van Gogh is a master and now China’s most famous artist is taking the challenge to re-create some of Van Gogh’s most iconic self-portraits and paintings. This new exhibition at van Gogh’s museum opened in Amsterdam and runs until February 25, 2018 and in a unique fusion presents a series of striking paintings that lend a fresh energy and vibrancy to the Dutch artist’s work.

Many of Van Gogh’s work are iconic in a way we we not look at the details anymore but with a fresh approach from Zeng Fanzhi, they become interesting and inspiring. It is not a confrontation but more a a fresh and own thing about them with his own distinctive brushstrokes, adding an element of Chinese calligraphy. Here a contemporary artist meets a post-impressionist artist with totally different backgrounds and culture with expressions of other things, other feelings. Even so they have similarity in spirit as artists expressed with “inner excitement”.

Definitely a must-see exhibition.

Daniel Brostrom