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Art Stage Singapore attracts collectors

Art Stage 2013_Singapore_01.jpg

The Art Stage Fair gets lots of attention and media coverage as it aims to compete with Art:HK as the regions most prestigious art fair. Galleries, Museums and Auction houses take the opportunity to have their own sideshows, knowing the collectors are in town. 

That is part of the art infrastructure that the Singapore Government wants to improve and in addition to this, 13 foreign galleries are setting up their galleries at Gillman Barracks, which is a former British army camp,  this spring. The area will be called The Centre for Contemporary Art.

The art fair expect 40,000 visitors and they have classified 1,000 of them as “collectors”. The Art Director Lorenzo Rudolf asks ” Why not become a scene for collectors to dialogue in a region so fragmented” We want to bring together leading collectors in Asia, like a Rotary Club. Also, the focus has to be on the future collectors by inreasing their awareness and interest of art. The show is good and the variety of European and Asian art including installations is well represented by the participating galleries.



Daniel Brostrom