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Chinese Culture Year in Germany


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of China-German diplomatic ties, A Chinese Cultural Year was launched at the end of January in Germany. The year long event features the history of Chinese art and culture by introducing Chinese music, film, opera, literature and art exhibitions to German audiences including more avant-garde offerings.

In addition to many musical events of Chinese music with its special percussion instruments, more than 1500 artists and scholars will attend events at the Year of Chinese culture in Germany. One project, China! China? China, will be held in six German cities, including Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Leipzig and Munich. It will bring together Chinese artists and scholars to talk about poetry, music, art fashion in a pavillion made of bamboo. Fan Di’an, director of National Art Museum of China says three solo exhibitions by Chinese artists Xu Jiang, Zeng Chenggang and Yin Xiuzhen will also take place.

A large scale public art exhibition will be held at Kassel From October to the spring of 2013. The city known for its Kassel Documents Exhibition, will see a comprehensive art exhibition from Chinese artists, especially young artists.

We hope Sweden will take after this kind of event soon.


Daniel Brostrom