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First China owned gallery opens in Berlin


The Year of the Dragon brought for the first time a Chinese owned gallery to establish in Europe. Zhong Gallery was founded by a Beijing Art collector Zhu Gaowen and he has picked Berlin for his new gallery. The city is the art central in Germany and many chinese students study art there. Zhong Gallery Berlin looks to bring Chinese art to a wider audience while engaging in artistic exchange with its Beijing gallery. 

As Zhu mentioned ” Though Chinese contemporary art and the Chinese art market have already gained attention from all over the world, there are still sometimes quite stereotypical opinions outside China. Art is art, but it is also an educational process, which Eight Art Gallery also tries to promote in Sweden. The other goal is to promote young German artist in China on an exchange program of culture. We would like to see more of that.

Though Zhong Gallery Berlin should become a magnet for locals interested in new art from China, it may also find a receptive and active audience in the ever-increasing number of Chinese students, artists and professionals living and working in the German capital.

Daniel Brostrom