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Gu Dexin Retrospective at Ullen Centre


The Ullen Centre for Contemporary Art in 798 district Beijing will be presenting an exhibition dedicated to Chinese dissident Gu Dexin from March 25th to end of May 2012. Art lovers will be able to view more than 150 illustrations and artworks created over a spann of 30 years of this pioneering contemporary Chinese artist’s career. In 1989 Gu Dexin was one of three Chinese artists to exhibit at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. This was the first time the international audience could view Chinese art. He continued to exhibit and be an important artist together with a many Chinese artists to give the international public an exciting view of his skills.

The exhibition retraces the artist’s career, presenting his work within the context of the growing importance of contemporary art in China, from his first painting created in late 1970’s to his climatic 2009 installation. Gu Dexin calls the question the emergence of an international community through the use of forms and materials usually considered banal.

His decision to return to “normal” life at the end of his career, that is to say returning to live in the state housing where he grew up has been sen by critics as more of a protest against society than a rejection of art.


Daniel Brostrom